Gary John Bird        



7615 Crest Bluff Ct, Reno, NV 89506




12 Jun 1945 (Hennepin Co, MN)



Jeanne R Kunkel (m. 1995)






U.S. Navy


My life has been fulfilling and busy. Today not so much. US Navy - Norfolk, 1-1/2 years in Vietnam. Massive exposure to Agent Orange, 100% disabled for ten years. Best news - "still alive"...... Married in California, divorced in 75. No Kids one step son. Attended two years at Bakersfield Cal.Junior College and graduated with Associates degree in Manual arts.......Moved to MN and lived in Big Lake, commuting to State University St Cloud. Graduated 76 with BS degree in Teaching /Industrial Arts K-12......Married again to Sharon with three kids. Lived in Owatona for two yrs and worked at a wood processing plant in Fairibalt while looking for teaching job......Moved to St Peter where I worked as an Industrial Arts teacher for the State of MN. My position actually was a special teacher..... I worked 28.4 Yrs at the St Peter Regional Treatment Center for the Mentally Ill and Dangerous. Note: I've seen almost everything.....Divorced after 20 yrs, no kids just three step sons and comunicate with one.......Married Jeanne, 1995 and moved to St Cloud, bought a house and went to work for Foldcraft as a machine operator. After 5 years with them I injured my back and couldn't work. Went on SDI, moved to Reno, NV. Had a home built in 2006 and have been here ever since.....Weather is great with no tornadoes, no mosquitoes and no humidity. Love it here.....sadly since 2000 my Dad died, then my older brother Leon, and then Leon's oldest son and my only Uncle Carl passed. My Mother turned 94 May 3 and is over by Crystal Lake in an assisted nursing home and she can't remember much. Still recognizes everyone but forgets 5 minutes later. She is failing fast.....My health is failing fast as well. I have been fotunate to have survived 6 heart attacks. My defibulator saved me at least 3 of the attacks. The VA seems to have my heart and all the other negatives I have.

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